Saturday, May 2, 2009

So sOoN!!!!

2day is edy 2nd of May.
2molo wil b 3rd of May.
2molo wil b a happy & wonderful day my best fren.
So fast 2molo wil b my best fren wedding dy.
I guess 2molo she wil b very nice & pretty wit her wedding gaun.
Ya......she wil b da pretty princess of da day.
Hope everythg is well prepared.
2molo is ur big & happy day in ur life o.
Times reli flies so fast le.


After so many days & so many thgs dat happened finallly i managed 2 settle it.
Ya.....finally i managed 2 book my air ticket 2 Australia dy.
So goin Australia on 7th June 2009.
But after i had settle my air ticket prob rite, now i facing wit another prob.
My Form 5 classmate wedding is on da 6th of June le.
Den on 6th June, my aunt edy booked place in Kajang 4 my whole entire Lee Family 2 go holiday.
Now i tinking which 2 go le.
Kajang holiday wit family or fren's wedding?
Difficult 2 make decision......
Hope 2 tink probably den make da decision fast.
Anyway......goin 2 meet my aunt in Australia soon.
Hahahaha......quite happy le.