Wednesday, April 29, 2009

28 April 2009@Tu3Sd@y

m3 & My yOuNg3r @uNt

Dis morning woke up very early coz nit 2 go airport 2 send my aunt.
She is leaving 2day 2 Melbourne.

Not 4 travel but 4 mission work.

So at abt 6.30am edy wake up 2 get ready 2 go airport.
As u noe 2day is not weekend or public holiday so every1 r bz wit their work & r studying so cant make it 2 send my aunt.

But fortunate enuf 2 hav us dat can make it....hahahaha.
Den cousin bro drove 2 gather wit me, my sis & my bro 2 airport(my younger bro cant make it coz having measles).

Abt 7.20am v leave frm my hse 2 KLIA den reach there at abt 8.05am lidat.

U noe wat? Hahahaha......actually my aunt dono dat v r goin KLIA 2 send her.

I tink when she saw 4 of appear in front of her la she got a bit shock lor.....hehehehe.

Later on v found out dat my aunt laggage over weight dy so she hav hav 2 take out sum or else nit 2 pay extra rm600. much 2 pay le. Wat 4 waste dat money o. So my aunt decided 2 take out sum cloths.

My aunt try 2 arrange sum cloths out but she scared not enuf cloths while she was there coz weather in Australia now is quite cold but no choice she hav 2 take sum out.

After fine tune dis & dat, finally she get 2 check in dy....luckily.

Check in dy of coz nit 2 find a place 4 bfast lor coz all of us stil haven take our bfast ma.

As usual, wit my younger aunt la she muz hav coffee. So v when 2 a cafe 2 hav a cup of coffee & sum bread.

Finished eat dy den v chat 4 a while & snap sum photo.

After all dat my aunt rush 2 da departure gate coz is almost time 4 her 2 board in dy.

Of coz & 4 sure dat all dat muz ends wit saying gud bye & take care 2 my aunt.

After send my aunt den v hav go back 2 work dy.....hahahaha.

My aunt edy informed us dat she arrived Melbourne safely.

But she nit 2 try her best 2 addapt wit da weather & da thgs over there.

As wat i noe la, my aunt say after 2 yrs she might b comin back dy but mayb not.

Gonna miss her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

However....wish her all da best & take gud care of herself.

Do keep in touch wit us lor.

Will c u soon in June ya.

Hahahaha.....dun 4get dat June i'm goin Melbourne lor.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Nothg much 2 say coz is feeling sick rite now.
Morning wake up oni having sore throat.
Who knows at abt 4pm lidat start 2 feel cold.
Den d next thgs i noe is dat i got fever dy....reli suffer le.
Slowly i reli can feel dat i got no energy & was feeling cold.
Tot 2 go back but 2day is thursdy le got lots of student.
Lastly decided not 2 go back early so 10pm oni go back.
Having sickness of sore throat, fever & headache la stil nit 2 teach students til 10pm le.
Sum more got those can say difficult students.
At dat point of time reli reli suffering 4 me le.
But all is over dy......hope 2 get well when i wake up.
If not will hav another suffering day dy.
Gud Nite......Zzzzzz.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can't Understand!!!!

1st part........
2day reli a tired, unhappy & angry day.
Working frm morning 9am til 10.30pm oni go back.
KC (kumon center) air-cond having sum prob so nit 2 b clean up.
So 2day da air-cond man came 2 clean it.
Took me 4 abt half a day 2 hav free Sauna.
Dam warm la......
Den at dat point of time KC was crowded.
Wit teachers, students & parents.
In dat situation humans get angry easily.
I reli wanna burst out dy but nit 2 control coz of image.
So juz cool myself down lor.

2nd Part.........
KC nit a few more teacher.
So my boss hired abt 5 teachers.
Basically all da new teachers came 2day.
As usual la Monday not reli hav dat many students.
So sum of da work beside teaching & marking books can b done on Monday.
But if got students or books 2 mark den of coz dat muz b done 1st den oni do other thgs.
Haiz......sad 2 say.
Sum ppl dun understand.......
Or i shud say dun1 understand le?
I dono la.....
Got book dun1 mark.
Juz turn & c den go do other work.
Chit chatting while doin da other work.
Cum on la......
Big dy le.....
U r a teacher dy le......
B a bit smart la.....
1 lidat la....
Sum le....oni noe how 2 curi tulang la.
Da senior teachers did lidat........
Da new teachers oso lidat.......
Get so disappointed wit dem.
Wat kind of work attitude is dis.
Not oni once many times dy.
Until i cant tahan but 2 burst it out here.
Dono dem la......
I'm not da boss or manager or supervisor or da head of KC.
So cant say & do anythgs.
Juz can write it down here.....
I juz pity my boss nia la.
Too kind 4 everythg.
SB ppl dono how 2 appreciate it.
Oni noe how 2 take advantage nia la.

Wake up la all da SB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is edy been 1year!!!!

I miss it so much.
Is edy been 1 yr since da lovely HQ of BSM Klg been burned down.
It's happened on 20/04/2008.
So 2day exactly 1yr.
Having lots of fun & activities in dat lovely HQ since i'm Form 1.
Reli miss all da times dat i had spend in HQ.
I beleive not oni me lor there are lots of ppl miss da lovely HQ of ours.
Cant believe dat is edy 1 yr HQ had been burned down.
Every time pass by HQ sure feel sad coz da rangka stil there but not da HQ dat i used 2 b.
When oni wil hav da HQ back?
Is reli a big questions mark?
Hope 2 c HQ BSM Klg back again.
>>>>>I reli LOVE BSM so much<<<<<
>>>>>LOVE da team dat i joined which is VAD43<<<<<
>>>>>LOVE da papan HQ<<<<<
>>>>>LOVE da committee of VAD43<<<<<
Shreenath C
Chai Huat
Fong Ling
Lee Yong
Farah Aida
Chuan Leet
Lai Ping
Jean Nie
Leong Chin
Wey Chin
And da list goes on & on.........
Miss u guys so much.......
Miss da time v had 2gather...........
U guys take care ya!!!!!!!!!!!


Me & Ann Nee

2day afternoon at abt 2pm v had a farewell cum fellowship in aunty Jo Woo hse.
Dis farewell is specially organised 4 ANN NEE.

As i mentioned b4, she will b leaving us 2 China after her wedding.
She not marry 2 a China man lor.
Juz dat her husband got work assignment in China nia.
I reli gonna miss her so much.
But anyway wishing u all da best in ur new chapter of ur life.
Dun 4get 2 cont update me abt u & ah tat lor.
Remember 2 keep in touch wit me ya.
Congrates ya!!!!!!

Group Photo 4 da Farewell

Sunday, April 19, 2009

H@pPy D@y!!!!

Reli feel very happy 2day.
Even feel quite tired & legs pain la but stil worth it lor.
2day whole day having fun.
Dam happy & fun la.
Hope 2 hav more happy & fun day.
Be happy always is much much more better than be sad always.
So be happy always ya.
Hope i wil & can be happy always.
Same goes 2 all my frens.
Hope all my frens can & wil b happy always.
Gud Nite!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SuShi KiNg!!!!!!

Yo....thanks 2 sushi king.
Sum of u sure wondering y i say thx 2 sushi king rite?
Bcoz since monday(13/04) sushi king having promotion.
Dis promotion juz last for 4 days nia.
Which is til 16/04 thursday.
Dis promotion got a special name le.
Which is BONANZAR 2.
U noe y after bonanzar got 2?
Dis is bcoz every plate no matter wat colour oso juz cost RM2 nia.
Reli thank u very much 2 sushi king.
Coz of dis bonanzar i got da chance 2 eat a lot of sushi but no nit 2 pay dat much.
Dam happy & cool le.
Da actual total amount dat v eat la suppose 2 b ard RM110.
But wit dis bonanzar la v oni paid ard RM41.
Juz LOVE 2 eat sushi.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fed Up!!!!!

Plz la.....dun giv da same excuses over & overb again la.
Every saturday u r giving da same excuses 2 us.....
Dun u feel bored with ur excuses?
V r bored of it k.
V dun 1 2 listen 2 ur same excuses again & again.
Plz understand us.
U r givin us a very very difficult way 2 go.
Plz go aside & giv way 2 us la.....
Cant u understand da meaning of move away.......
I reli reli dam disappointed!!!!!!!!!!

I'm FED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BuSy D@y!!!!!!!

Wat a busy day i had 2day...friday(10/04).
Or i shud say dat every day i oso having a very busy day.
Everyday v oso got so many students cum in & out Kumon center.
But...friday is da most busier day.
Most of da friday or i shud say dat every friday....
I tink da main reason is dat da next day wil b saturday.
Most of da saturday da student wont hav school.
So their parents choose friday 4 dem.
Every friday i reach my work place dat is Kuman center at ard 1.30pm.
Den ard 2pm lidat i wil sit at my own place & start teaching.
Once start teaching it reli wont stop.
No time 2 rest....
No time 4 toilet....
No time 2 'snake'....
No time 2 drink water....
Its reli lots of student on friday.
Every friday my working hour wil b like frm 1.30pm til 10.30pm.
In dat 9 hours, i oni hav ard 30mins 2 go take my dinner.
Da rest of da times i'll b continue 2 teach & teach.
Its reli non-stop .
1 student go den 1 student cum.
Den there wil b da other student sitting down there waiting 4 u.
So can u imagine da scenery dat i mention above.
Haiz.....reli had a very busy day.
Not once, but every friday.
No matter how busy & tired it is, i'll still cont 2 work hard.
My future is in my hands not others.

Lots of work 2 do = Busy day

Busy day = Work hard

Work Hard = Wonderful Future

Yo.........Work hard ya LSY!!!!!!
All da best ya!!!!!!!!
LSY Jia You Jia You!!!!!!!!

Congrtulation to my dearest Friend!!!!!

Congratulation my dearest fren Miss Ann Nee.
Hahaha....shud not call her miss anymore
Muz cal her Mrs Choong dy.
3 more weeks wil b my dearest fren's wedding.
She will b starting her new chapter in her life wit her lovely husband.
I'm happy 4 her coz can c dat her husband reli care & love her.
She edy found her love ones 2 b her life partner.
But 1 thg dat i feel sad abt is dat....
She will follow her husband go over 2 China after their wedding.
Wondering y she will go China after wedding le?
Izit she marry 2 a China man? la.
Her husband is not China man la...hahahaha.
Her husband is Malaysian.
Is juz dat he being transfer over 2 China 4 work mission.
B4 dis she edy went over 2 China 4 abt 3mths
Den she cum back 2 prepare her wedding...
Juz oni dat 3mths v edy miss her so much but le...
Dis time once she leave dy la i tink next yr CNY oni can meet her again liao.
I reli gonna miss her & I reli will miss her.
No choice hav 2 miss her lor......
Coz dats her family & dats her future... matter how oso she wil leave Malaysia.
I gonna miss da time v eat sushi 2gather.
Miss da time v karaoke 2gather.
Surely will miss all da time v spent 2gather & do thgs 2gather.
However......i reli felt happy 4 her.
Yo fren....happy marriage ya.
Happy Always!!!!
Wish u hav a wonderful & a happy famaly ya.
I surely gonna miss u so much.
CONGRATULATION ya my dearest friend!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Wat is STRESS all abt?
I guess no1 in dis world lives without STRESS.
Da differents is juz dat wat kind of stress & how severe ur stress are.
Different ppl got different stress.
Different ppl wil use different of approach 2 releaese or overcum stress.
Nowadys reli feel vey stress.......
Stress abt my study, my work & my life.
Wanna find a way 2 release my stress.
Dono how oni i can relese all my stress.
Dono when on my stress wil b release.
If possible i 1 2 release & overcum my stress as soon as i can.

STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hav a nice day!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

H@pPy BiRtHd@y SiS!!!!!!


2day is my sis bday.
Wishing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY & may all her dreams cum true.

All the best in her life & her study.
Last nite v had our family dinner at my 2nd aunt hse.
The reason v had da dinner is 2 celebrate my sis, my cousin bro & my auntn birthday.
Not oni dat, da other reason is 2 hav a farewell 4 my younger aunt. Coz she wil b goin Australia soon 4 sum mission trip & study.

Dono when oni she will cum back coz she plan 2 stay over in Australia.
Wishing her all the best & hope she can take gud care of herself.
All her sis, bro, niece & nephew will always miss her.
Oh ya....4get 2 mention dat my cousin was oso wit us last nite.
She is back frm US 4 holiday.
Back 2 da reunion party....
After our meal, v playing games.
It was very very fun & funny.
Even v live 2gather 4 so many years, but when in sudden u cant even cal him or her name properly at dat very moment.
Hahahahaha.....reli dam funny la.
All laugh like crazy.....
After da games, v sing bday song & eat bday cake.
Den v watched powerpoint presentation abt our family reunion frm yr 2006 til dis yr.
Dat powerpoint is prepared by my cousin sis.
Is reli a memorable slide show coz it contents lots of our family pictures includes my lovely grandma pictures.
Lovely grandma miss & love u so much.
After da slide show v take pictures.
V takes lots & lots of pictures dat v never did dat b4.
But its reli very fun & enjoying.
Hope dat v will have more & more reunion comin up.

Da gals wit youngest aunt

Wonderful Colours Matching

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Edy 1 week i din update my blog coz not reli free 2 on9.
2day i wanna write sumthg abt my feeling dat edy bother me 4 a yr.
Last sunday was reli a quite happy day 4 me.
4 those who noe la sure noe 1 of da happiness is wat.
Da other 1 la is unexpected dat wil happen 1.
Dis thgs or i should say dat dis big rock edy stay in my heart 4 more than a yr.
But finally it can b considered settled a little dy.
Mayb i over tok sumthg dy.
Thgs dat i shud say i had said but sumthgs dat i shud not say i oso say dy.
At dat very moment i din tink so much abt myself juz tink 2 settled da prob.
So i speak up everythg dat in my heart(sum edy hide 4 very long & hide very deep dy)
Tok 4 quite wit her juz 2 let her understand & let her noe.
I do not noe whether everythg i had said did help her 2 change her mind or tot anot.
But i reli hope it can help.
After da tokin session la i tink back, i tink i shud not said so much.
I dono wil all da secret burst out anot 1 day.
Another tot is dat i shud reli tink b4 i said.
I shud keep his gud & great image in her.
I shud not said all dat & i shud juz keep it 2 myself.
All dat edy pass almost a yr & everythg edy in my heart 4 dat long.
I shud juz cont 2 keep it wit me.
I alone suffer or sad wit it shud b better than more ppl lor.
Haiz.......havin a bit of regret telling so much of da thgs dat i shud not said.
He always hav da gud image in every1 hearts i reli shud not destroyed his image.
I reli make a very big mistake.
However...wat is done is done.
After all da tokin i reli hope she can take into consideration 2 cont 2 do wat she can & help da team 2 grow stronger & better.
All dat thgs in my heart 4 almost a yr dy la but i stil feel sad & dono wat 2 do.
When all dis happened, i cant tel & tok 2 anybody.
Is reli tuff & difficult 4 me.
It is reli sad & suffering.
Last sunday nite i throw out lots of thgs dy.
I hav a released feeling after dat.
In 1 hand i'm better or released a bit.
But in da other hand la i kind of like destroyed a person's image in sum1 hearts(Sorry 4 dat.)
Finally i'm released at least a bit of all prob coz i tink mayb is not her.
If i misunderstand u dy la i apologised 4 dat.
If u happen 2 read my blog plz accept my apology.
SORRY GAL.......
Dats all 4 now.........
More updates abt me comin up...........
Hav a nice day!!!!!!!!!