Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SuShi KiNg!!!!!!

Yo....thanks 2 sushi king.
Sum of u sure wondering y i say thx 2 sushi king rite?
Bcoz since monday(13/04) sushi king having promotion.
Dis promotion juz last for 4 days nia.
Which is til 16/04 thursday.
Dis promotion got a special name le.
Which is BONANZAR 2.
U noe y after bonanzar got 2?
Dis is bcoz every plate no matter wat colour oso juz cost RM2 nia.
Reli thank u very much 2 sushi king.
Coz of dis bonanzar i got da chance 2 eat a lot of sushi but no nit 2 pay dat much.
Dam happy & cool le.
Da actual total amount dat v eat la suppose 2 b ard RM110.
But wit dis bonanzar la v oni paid ard RM41.
Juz LOVE 2 eat sushi.

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