Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can't Understand!!!!

1st part........
2day reli a tired, unhappy & angry day.
Working frm morning 9am til 10.30pm oni go back.
KC (kumon center) air-cond having sum prob so nit 2 b clean up.
So 2day da air-cond man came 2 clean it.
Took me 4 abt half a day 2 hav free Sauna.
Dam warm la......
Den at dat point of time KC was crowded.
Wit teachers, students & parents.
In dat situation humans get angry easily.
I reli wanna burst out dy but nit 2 control coz of image.
So juz cool myself down lor.

2nd Part.........
KC nit a few more teacher.
So my boss hired abt 5 teachers.
Basically all da new teachers came 2day.
As usual la Monday not reli hav dat many students.
So sum of da work beside teaching & marking books can b done on Monday.
But if got students or books 2 mark den of coz dat muz b done 1st den oni do other thgs.
Haiz......sad 2 say.
Sum ppl dun understand.......
Or i shud say dun1 understand le?
I dono la.....
Got book dun1 mark.
Juz turn & c den go do other work.
Chit chatting while doin da other work.
Cum on la......
Big dy le.....
U r a teacher dy le......
B a bit smart la.....
1 lidat la....
Sum le....oni noe how 2 curi tulang la.
Da senior teachers did lidat........
Da new teachers oso lidat.......
Get so disappointed wit dem.
Wat kind of work attitude is dis.
Not oni once le.....so many times dy.
Until i cant tahan but 2 burst it out here.
Dono dem la......
I'm not da boss or manager or supervisor or da head of KC.
So cant say & do anythgs.
Juz can write it down here.....
I juz pity my boss nia la.
Too kind 4 everythg.
SB ppl dono how 2 appreciate it.
Oni noe how 2 take advantage nia la.

Wake up la all da SB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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