Monday, April 20, 2009


Me & Ann Nee

2day afternoon at abt 2pm v had a farewell cum fellowship in aunty Jo Woo hse.
Dis farewell is specially organised 4 ANN NEE.

As i mentioned b4, she will b leaving us 2 China after her wedding.
She not marry 2 a China man lor.
Juz dat her husband got work assignment in China nia.
I reli gonna miss her so much.
But anyway wishing u all da best in ur new chapter of ur life.
Dun 4get 2 cont update me abt u & ah tat lor.
Remember 2 keep in touch wit me ya.
Congrates ya!!!!!!

Group Photo 4 da Farewell

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  1. hehehe...
    wei upload alll the pictures ma.. in facebook... so longgggg one...