Thursday, April 23, 2009


Nothg much 2 say coz is feeling sick rite now.
Morning wake up oni having sore throat.
Who knows at abt 4pm lidat start 2 feel cold.
Den d next thgs i noe is dat i got fever dy....reli suffer le.
Slowly i reli can feel dat i got no energy & was feeling cold.
Tot 2 go back but 2day is thursdy le got lots of student.
Lastly decided not 2 go back early so 10pm oni go back.
Having sickness of sore throat, fever & headache la stil nit 2 teach students til 10pm le.
Sum more got those can say difficult students.
At dat point of time reli reli suffering 4 me le.
But all is over dy......hope 2 get well when i wake up.
If not will hav another suffering day dy.
Gud Nite......Zzzzzz.

1 comment:

  1. not bad!!! still can update blog even though ur sick as hell!!