Sunday, March 29, 2009


Finally everythgs over 2day.
Feeling tired so nothg much 2 say here....
Wat i 1 2 say is
Finally u guys make it......
Worth it 4 u guys effort dat had put in....
CONGRATULATION 2 u guys ya......
Enjoy ya 2nite.......
Hav a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Th3 Tr@iNiNg!!!!!

2day wake up early coz wanna update my blog abt wat happened & wat i feel abt ytday.
The story begins wit waking up morning wit my leg pain like crazy.
Den wit a feeling dat dono whether da new learner stil remember wat dey had learned anot.
It was a rainy day. Den i'm tinking whether wil dey turn up anot.
So i got ready myself & went out 2 fetch 2 person den v go 2 our destination.
When i reached, i was kind of like surprise bcoz there were many turns up even it is a rainy day.
But yet stil got ppl dat haven reach.
When da trainin began, i concerntrate looking on all da new learner.
Den i found out dat sum of dem reli took their effort 2 learn at home & dey improved.
Even so, dey stil got long way 2 go. Bcoz, haiz......stil not dat gud.
Without wasting their time wit da basic oni, i went into da 2nd stage.
At da end of da trainin dey stil not reli perfect but overall stil ok la.....can accept la.
Hope dat dey can still remember every steps & do their best 4 it.
Full effort, full attendance, full concerntration, full semangat, full energy, full heart, wilingness, seriousness & everythg full r require in their practise.
So i hope dey can giv all dis when trainin is on.
Dats all 4 my day & wat i felt ytday.
Gud luck & all da best!!!!!
Take care.......
Hav a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wat a day i Hav!!!!!!

Ytday i got no time & no mood 2 update my blog so i did it 2day.
I woke up early ytday morning bcoz i nit 2 teach giv training.
Den when i reached da destination i was happy but at da same time i'm not.
I'm happy bcoz quite many turns up & wat i not happy abt was dat no enuf ppl
so i juz hope 4 da best.
But luckily slowly by slowly v hav quite a gud number of ppl turn up
even though stil not enuf ppl.
At dat point of time i felt disappoinment too.
Dis is bcoz sum ppl dat i expect 2 b in was not in it.
I cant say much coz dis is not under my control....(juz can feel bu gan xin)
After all dat unhappy feeling v start our trainin.
Dis time ard most of da ppl i not reli noe but is ok coz i juz 1 2 do wat i suppose 2 do.
Their 1st step make me feel so down. It is like wat v called no standard.
Den automatically my mouth open wit sum words dat not nice 2 hear
(feel bad oso lor coz 1st time meet le & sum i dono dem dey oso dono me)
but it is 4 their own gud.
Do u noe wat my feeling was on dat moment?
Wah.......lidat ar die lor wu yao ke jiu dy. Dats my feeling of my 1st impression 2wards dem.
But believe me i wont ever giv up easily 2wards dem.
So i try my very best 2 train dem.
Happy 2 say dat at least at da end of da trainin sum of dem reli improve.
Frm 0% knowledge or mayb wit 10% til at least 50% of knowledge at da end of trainin.
At da end of ytday trainin, i tel myself dat dey no bad dy la stil can safe if dey put a little bit more effort.
I feel satisfy wit da result dy & i'm happy wit it.
After da trainin i rush back home.
Without my bfast & lunch i took my bath den prepare 2 go 2 work.
Bcoz of rushing, i accidentally slipped frm my hse stairs. reli painful & i injured my right leg.....dam pain le.
Without doin anythg bcoz of rushing i straight start my car den drive 2wards my working place.
With da injured leg, i went up step by step 2 my working centre coz it is in da 3rd floor.
Is reli a painful experienced 4 me.
Dat time i'm tinking la.....2molo how am i goin 2 go giv trainin wit my leg injured lidat.
But nvm la....2molo oni c how lor.
After work i cum back den i took bath.
My dad say i better put sum medicine on my leg so b4 i sleep i put sum medicine on it lor.
Bcoz too tired dy so i went 2 sleep without updating my blog.
Wat a funny, happy, disappointed, painful, bz & tired day i had ytday.
2molo oni i update my blog abt wat happen 2day coz now feel tired & sleepy dy.
Oh ya.....2 all da members of da team gud luck & all da best ya.
Try ur very best & do da best 4 da team k.
C u guys on friday.
Gud nite every1......sweet dreams.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A TiR3d d@y

Last nite i slept dam late, at abt 4 am lidat.
2day morning le i nit 2 wake up early
bcoz 2day i start work at 9am so at ard 8am i edy wake up.
After dat i went 2 work.
I work work work & work 4 da entire day til ard 10.45pm oni i reach home.
Once i reach home i take my bath den i start 2 update my blog.
Cant write much 2day bcoz 2nite nit 2 sleep early if not i tink i wil b zombi.
2molo oso nit 2 wake up early at ard 6.30am.
Nit 2 go out at ard 7am coz goin 2 teach marching.
Wish i can giv my best 2 teach dem & also hope dat dey wil giv their very best 2 learn.
Dey hope dat dis year sports day their team can b da winner so do i oso wish dat too.
Wishing dem all da best!!!!!
Signing off 4 2day oz reli very sleepy dy.
Gud nite!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sumthg sad had happen on saturday which is on 14/3/09.
I reli feel very sad & disappointed.
I dono is there anybody dat wil cares wat i feel abt dat matter anot,
but i reli did feel very sad & disappointed.
At the same time i oso felt very unhappy.
I keep ask myself, HOW & WHY all dis thgs can happen?
I reli dono & dun understand.
Wit da experienced she had, she shud noe wat 2 do.
She shud not let all dis thgs happen.
I can say dat dis is her profession but WHY she can let all dis mistake happen?
Is reli a big question mark in my mind.
If dis mistake is done by other ppl la i dun tink i wil b dis sad & disappointed lor.
But now is her. Is da person dat i dun believe can make dis kind of mistake 1 lor.
1st when i knew abt dat prob on mid-nite of fri 13/3/09,
i tot it might b juz a small matter.
Later on i found out dat actually dis is not a small matter,
it is a big issue.
Haiz.....i reli feel dam sad la.
I hope i can help dem 2 solve dis prob but i cant.
I oni can advise on wat dey shud do lor.
Reli cant do anythg 2 help dem.
Now wat i can do is juz wish & hope dat dey can faster settle dis prob lor.
Dis is da starts of da year 2009 le, stil got few months 2 go.
If dis does not settle den i tink it wil bother dem til da end of 2009.
Hope dat after dis nothg like dis wil happen again.
I reli dun hope anythg wil happen 2 dem lor.
I love dem so much lor.
I does not care whether dey listen 2 wat i say anot whenever i advise dem,
but 1 thgs dat i noe 4 sure is dat no matter wat prob dey facing la i sure wil b there 2 guide & help dem lor.
I reli enjoy helping, guiding, teaching, toking, hang out wit dem lor.
Dey r such a nice & wonderful teams, so i reli dun hope dis yr wil b their nite mare.
No matter wat happen u guys wil always b da best.
Wish u guys gud luck & all da best ya.
Sincerely cum frm deep down in my heart.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome blogspot to my life!!!!!

Does not noe y suddenly juz feel like wanna try blogging.
Bcoz 2day wake up quite early so decided 2 sign up blogspot.
Hope dat dis can help me 2 express sum of my hidden feeling.
In everydays life, every1 4 sure wil face sum prob or difficulty dat cum out of sudden.
So u nit sum1 or times 2 settle it.
Mayb u nit 2 express out sum of ur feeling.
Sumtimes u juz scare 2 tel ur frens so i tink blogging wil b a best way 4 u 2 express wat u 1 2 say.
I welcum blogspot to my life.
Hav a NiC3 daY eV3ry1:-)