Wednesday, April 29, 2009

28 April 2009@Tu3Sd@y

m3 & My yOuNg3r @uNt

Dis morning woke up very early coz nit 2 go airport 2 send my aunt.
She is leaving 2day 2 Melbourne.

Not 4 travel but 4 mission work.

So at abt 6.30am edy wake up 2 get ready 2 go airport.
As u noe 2day is not weekend or public holiday so every1 r bz wit their work & r studying so cant make it 2 send my aunt.

But fortunate enuf 2 hav us dat can make it....hahahaha.
Den cousin bro drove 2 gather wit me, my sis & my bro 2 airport(my younger bro cant make it coz having measles).

Abt 7.20am v leave frm my hse 2 KLIA den reach there at abt 8.05am lidat.

U noe wat? Hahahaha......actually my aunt dono dat v r goin KLIA 2 send her.

I tink when she saw 4 of appear in front of her la she got a bit shock lor.....hehehehe.

Later on v found out dat my aunt laggage over weight dy so she hav hav 2 take out sum or else nit 2 pay extra rm600. much 2 pay le. Wat 4 waste dat money o. So my aunt decided 2 take out sum cloths.

My aunt try 2 arrange sum cloths out but she scared not enuf cloths while she was there coz weather in Australia now is quite cold but no choice she hav 2 take sum out.

After fine tune dis & dat, finally she get 2 check in dy....luckily.

Check in dy of coz nit 2 find a place 4 bfast lor coz all of us stil haven take our bfast ma.

As usual, wit my younger aunt la she muz hav coffee. So v when 2 a cafe 2 hav a cup of coffee & sum bread.

Finished eat dy den v chat 4 a while & snap sum photo.

After all dat my aunt rush 2 da departure gate coz is almost time 4 her 2 board in dy.

Of coz & 4 sure dat all dat muz ends wit saying gud bye & take care 2 my aunt.

After send my aunt den v hav go back 2 work dy.....hahahaha.

My aunt edy informed us dat she arrived Melbourne safely.

But she nit 2 try her best 2 addapt wit da weather & da thgs over there.

As wat i noe la, my aunt say after 2 yrs she might b comin back dy but mayb not.

Gonna miss her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

However....wish her all da best & take gud care of herself.

Do keep in touch wit us lor.

Will c u soon in June ya.

Hahahaha.....dun 4get dat June i'm goin Melbourne lor.

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